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 Palestine is a generic term to cover actions in the region now consisting of Sinai, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Aden and involved operations against the Turks. Once the security of the Suez Canal was assured in 1915 the focus shifted to the area now within the post 1967 borders of Israel. In 1917 there were three battles at Gaza, which enabled the capture of Jerusalem in December. In 1918 the campaign continued north into the Jordan Valley then towards Damascus. The Armistice with Turkey was signed on the 31st October 1918.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Maj. H.P. ALEXANDER 26-03-1917 Centurion No. 1718
Victoria Diamond Jubilee No. 2675
 Lt. B.A. CLAPHAM 27-03-1917 Sir Francis Drake No. 2649
 Lt. P.J. ANDERSEN 19-04-1917 Earl Roberts No. 3151
 Lt. T.G. JONES 20-04-1917 St Idloes No. 1582
 Q.M.S. J.A. NICKSON 01-07-1917 Warren No. 1276
 Lt. E.C.B. WODEHOUSE 04-10-1917 Emblematic No. 1321
 Pte. C.H. ASHCROFT 31-10-1917 Everton No. 823
 Capt. E. RUSSELL MC 06-11-1917 Earl of Yarborough No. 2770
 Maj. F.A. CLARK 20-11-1917 Lodge of St George No. 2025
Trinity No. 3403
 Sgt. J.R. JAGO 22-11-1917 One and All No. 330
 Capt. F.W. SIMMONS 22-11-1917 Oakley No. 694
 Pte. E.G. LAW 29-11-1917 Acanthus No. 2715
 Pte. A.V. GLEDHILL 27-12-1917 Rose of Denmark No. 975
 Capt. J.H.L. YORKE MC 27-12-1917 Apollo University No. 357
Kemes No. 3152
 Capt. A.A. BROWN MC 04-03-1918 Kurunegala No. 3629
 Maj. P.K. GLAZEBROOK DSO MP 07-03-1918 Apollo University No. 357
 Pte. G.H. OLDFIELD 10-03-1918 Evening Star No. 3644
 2Lt S.C. BRIGHTMAN 22-03-1918 Rickmansworth No. 2218
 Lt. G.J. TURNER 10-04-1918 Jersey No. 2163
 Cpl. H.F. BAKER MM 30-04-1918 Pantiles No. 2200
 Tpr E.C.T. GROVE 23-05-1918 Nanango No. 2873
 Lt.Col. A. ARMSTRONG DSO 19-09-1918 Royal Sussex Lodge of Emulation No. 355
 Capt. P.E. BURROWS MC 19-09-1918 St Giles No. 1587
 Pte. W.D. SINGLE 19-09-1918 de Carteret No. 3459
 Capt. R.P. BULLIVANT 24-09-1918 Isaac Newton University No. 859
Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry No. 3013
Old Rugbeian No. 3551
 2Lt R. MEEK 02-10-1918 Palatine No. 2447
 Gnr. W.E. BARR 22-10-1918 Crusaders No. 1677
 Spr. J.E. KERSWELL 25-10-1918 Salem No. 1443

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