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The Battle of Neuve Chapelle and subsidiary actions

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 Neuve Chapelle (10-12 March 1915) was the first planned offensive battle by the BEF in France and achieved limited tactical success but not the expected breakthrough. It highlighted the problem of delay in execution that allowed the defending Germans to regroup, often consequent on small incidents and errors. Having stabilised the situation following the German sweep into France and the counter attack that eventually established static trench warfare on the western front, there was significant pressure on Britain to take a share of the burden from the French (who had without question had born the brunt of the fighting). Although the battle was effectively over by 12th March, the official battle nomenclature included actions in other sectors up to 22 April 1915 including the significant actions at St Eloi and at Hill 60 (Ypres.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 2Lt G.A. COOK 10-03-1915 St Ann's No. 593
 Lt. N. DONALDSON 10-03-1915 Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No. 2885
Ubique No. 1789
 Lt. A.A. DREW 10-03-1915 Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No. 2885
 Capt. F.E. FENERAN 10-03-1915 St. John & St. Paul No. 349
 Pte. T.F. HOWARTH 10-03-1915 Sutherland Lodge of Unity No. 460
 Capt. H.R.S. PULMAN 10-03-1915 Christopher No. 2309
Lodge of Fidelity No. 3
Old Boys' No. 2500
Royal Thames No. 2966
 Capt. J.R.L. HEYLAND MC 11-03-1915 Siwalik No. 2939
 C.S.M. F.G. STEWART 11-03-1915 Lord Kitchener No. 3402
 Capt. H.B. DIXON 12-03-1915 Army & Navy No. 3651
Deolali No. 3710
Dorothy Vernon No. 2129
McMahon No. 3262
Northern Nigeria No. 3325
St. John & St. Paul No. 349
Zungeru No. 3506
 Sgt. H.J. HINES 12-03-1915 Lodge of Fidelity No. 555
 Lt. R.H. STRONG 12-03-1915 Fidelity No. 2061
 Pte. J.T. BUCK 14-03-1915 Eyre No. 2742
 Capt. M.R.K. HODGSON 17-03-1915 Alma No. 3534
Golconda No. 3249
Lodge Concordia No. 3102
 Lt. J.R. WADDY MC 17-03-1915 King's College Hospital No. 2973
 Maj. H.H.S. MARSH 02-04-1915 Royal Engineers No. 2599
 Maj. E.A. MYER 03-04-1915 Halcyon No. 3546
 2Lt J.H. WILKIE DCM 09-04-1915 Wanderers No. 1604
 Capt. E.J.F. JOHNSTON 12-04-1915 Lodge of Unity, Peace, and Concord No. 316
 Lt. E.B. WALKER 18-04-1915 Old Shirburnian No. 3304
 2Lt W.E. BOONE 20-04-1915 Eastern Gate No. 2970
Godson No. 2385
United Service No. 1341
 Capt. A.F. TODD 21-04-1915 Caius No. 3355
Isaac Newton University No. 859
Oxford and Cambridge University No. 1118
 Bdr. H.V. ORGAN 24-04-1915 St Helena Lodge No. 488

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