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The Second Battles of Arras 1918

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 26 August - 3 September 1918. In a replica of the experience on the Somme which was happening concurrently a few miles further south, the old battlefields around Arras, so bitterly fought over in 1917 were taken and the Germans challenged on the Hindenburg Line. The Drocourt-Queant sector, which had proven such an obstacle in previous years was taken by the 3rd September and with the Hindenburg line broken in the sector the advance was again possible.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Pte. H.C. MASON 28-08-1918 Masefield No. 2034
 Lt. G.R. COLLIN 30-08-1918 Canada No. 3527
 Rfn. S.C. GILBERT 31-08-1918 Hamilton No. 3309
 W.O.1 (RSM) J.W. ROBINSON MM 31-08-1918 Aldershot Camp No. 1331
 2Lt W.D. SOULSBY [SCULSBY] 31-08-1918 Waterloo No. 3438
 Lt. M. BRAWN DCM 01-09-1918 Bloomsbury Rifles' No. 2362
 C.S.M. H.E. HOLLAND MM 01-09-1918 Military Jubilee No. 2195
 2Lt E.V. ROWE 01-09-1918 Cardiff Exchange No. 3775
Duke of York No. 2453
 LCpl. D.P. SMITH 01-09-1918 Jersey No. 2163
 Lt. O.B. KRENCHEL MC DCM 02-09-1918 Lord Warden No. 1096
 Capt. R.B. KNIGHT 05-09-1918 Lodge of St Cuthberga No. 622

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