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Naval Campaign

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 Naval Campaign is defined as to include all sea operations where attrition rates are in ones and twos and which do not fall within specific naval battles such as Jutland, Coronel, Falklands etc. This includes Merchant Navy losses.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 M.M. W.C. DONOVAN 17-09-1918 Bute No. 960
 M.M. J. SNOWDON 17-09-1918 St John's No. 80
 M.M. P.K. ROSS 18-09-1918 St Hilda No. 240
 1st Engr. G. WHITTINGHAM 18-09-1918 St Hilda No. 240
  A.C. MARSHALL 20-09-1918 Tynemouth Abbey No. 2971
 1st Mate S. BULLOCK 21-09-1918 Lodge of Prudent Brethren No. 145
 P.O. J.F. BRETT 26-09-1918 United Service No. 1428
 En. E. REAVELY 26-09-1918 Lodge of St. John's No. 115
 Shipwt. H.W. VAUGHAN 26-09-1918 Robert Freke Gould No. 2874
 Lt. J. SHAW 01-10-1918 Military Jubilee No. 2195
 Ch. Mate D.K. CLARKE 03-10-1918 Downshire No. 594
 C.P.O. A.A. GURNEY 04-10-1918 United Service No. 3124
 E.A. H.L. SMITH DSC 04-10-1918 Prince Edward No. 1903
 Chr. Engr. T.H. STEPHENSON 05-10-1918 Lodge of Harmony No. 220
Union of Malta No. 407
Victory No. 3509
 Stwd. O.J. JONES 10-10-1918 Lodge of St Cybi No. 597
 E.R.A W.H. SMART 18-10-1918 St Bede No. 1119
 Lt. Engr. J.C. TAIT 18-10-1918 St George's No. 431
 Lt. A.B. COLLETT 19-10-1918 United Brethren No. 1923
 Lt. Engr. B.R.U. BRANNON 08-11-1918 Albany No. 151
 Ch. E.R.A. T.G. WALKER 19-11-1918 Gillingham Lodge of Benevolence No. 184
  A.H. CORKILL 10-01-1919 Hamer No. 1393
 M.M. J.D. BRUCE 30-05-1919 St Paul No. 3242

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