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The Battle of Festubert

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 Festubert (15-25 May 1915) was really a continuation of the Battle of Aubers Ridge that had been called off on 10th May, and in places fought over the same ground with the same depressing outcome. Some minor tactical success was achieved but it did not justify the 16,000 casualties. It did however reinforce the lessons of Neuve Chapelle and Aubers Ridge and conditioned planning and thinking that evolved into the tactical planning of the Somme in 1916.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Capt. J. WHEEN 15-05-1915 Wellesley No. 1899
 2Lt W.J. COX 16-05-1915 An Irish Lodge No. 0
Wayfarers No. 1926
 C.S.M. J. JEFFERSON 16-05-1915 Fermor Hesketh No. 1350
 2Lt F. MARSHAM-TOWNSHEND 16-05-1915 Apollo University No. 357
 LCpl. T.W. PELFREY 16-05-1915 Powney No. 3099
 Lt. D.P. PIKE-STEPHENSON 16-05-1915 Apollo University No. 357
Royal No. 207
Royal Colonial Institute No. 3556
 Maj. R.C. SLACKE 16-05-1915 Quadratic No. 1691
 Lt. D.G. STEPHENSON 16-05-1915 Isaac Newton University No. 859
Old Wellingtonian No. 3404
 2Lt C.A. MONSON 18-05-1915 London Rifle Brigade No. 1962
Priory Lodge of Acton No. 1996
 Capt. J.A. PASS 20-05-1915 Beacontree No. 1228
 2Lt R.S. GAMBLE 22-05-1915 Kinta No. 3212
Semper Paratus No. 3015
 Maj. H.E. MOULE 22-05-1915 Light of the North No. 1308
 Tpr W.H.A. AUERBACH 23-05-1915 Hertfordshire Imperial Yeomanry No. 3192
 Capt. A.R. DARCHE 28-05-1915 Harmony No. 156

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