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 The Gallipoli Campaign was fought on the Gallipoli peninsula 25th April 1915 to 9th January 1916. in a failed attempt to defeat Turkey by seizing the Dardanelles and capturing Istanbul. Ill-conceived and planned, the initial effort by the Royal Navy failed to force passage through the Dardanelles by sea power alone. It was then realised that a land force was needed to support the project by suppressing the Turkish mobile artillery batteries. By the time all was ready the Turks were well aware and well prepared. Despite amazing heroics on the day of the landings only minor beachheads were achieved and over the succeeding 8 months little progress was made. Eventually the beachheads were evacuated in a series of successful ruses.

Despite Gallipoli rightly becoming a national source of pride to Australians and New Zealanders, far more British casualties were sustained, and these days the substantial French contribution is almost forgotten.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 CSgt A.B. BALDWIN 04-03-1915 Western District United Service No. 2258
 Shipwt. R.H. KENNAIRD 18-03-1915 Union of Malta No. 407
 E.R.A E.V. HINDMAN 18-04-1915 United Service No. 1428
 Lt.Col. A.S. KOE 25-04-1915 Northern Star No. 1463
Stewart No. 1960
 2Lt J.T. REDPATH 25-04-1915 Fidelity No. 2061
Morning Star No. 552
 Lt. J.P. ROBERTS 25-04-1915 Lodge Temperance No. 2557
 Maj. F. STUCKEY 25-04-1915 Te Awamutu No. 2221
 Capt. A.J.N. THOMAS 25-04-1915 Invicta No. 2440
Mooltan No. 1307
 Capt. B.M. WARD 25-04-1915 Hanslip Ward No. 3399
 Maj. F.D. IRVINE 27-04-1915 Lord Kitchener No. 3402
 Maj. G. BARKER 29-04-1915 Navy No. 2612
 Maj. J.H. DEANE 30-04-1915 Royal Crown No. 3133
 Sgt. H. STAMP 30-04-1915 Per Mare per Terram No. 3609
United Service No. 3124
 Lt. Cdr. J.R. BOOTHBY 01-05-1915 Lodge of Unity, Peace, and Concord No. 316
 CSgt H.F. CLARK 01-05-1915 Lord Charles Beresford No. 2404
Per Mare per Terram No. 3609
Prince Alfred No. 233
 Lt. J.F. MOXHAM 01-05-1915 Lord Charles Beresford No. 2404
Lord Warden No. 1096
Wellington No. 784
 C.Q.M.S. H. SUNNER 02-05-1915 Lodge Moyle No. 2904
Power Palmer No. 2924
 CSgt A. SCOUGALL 03-05-1915 Daintree No. 2938
Lord Charles Beresford No. 2404
Per Mare per Terram No. 3609
 Sgt. J.J.H. SNELL 03-05-1915 United Service No. 1341
 Lt. M. CURTIN 04-05-1915 Lord Charles Beresford No. 2404
 Pte. H. GREGORY 04-05-1915 Anfield No. 2215
 C.P.O. V.J. BEW 06-05-1915 Lodge of Fortitude No. 105
 CSgt F.H. CRAFTS 06-05-1915 Lodge of Hope No. 2153
Union of Malta No. 407
 Capt. H. HODGSON 06-05-1915 Delta No. 3060
Khartoum No. 2877
 Sgt. J. HOLROYD 06-05-1915 Lodge of Hope No. 2153
 P.O. A.E.W.F. HUTCHINGS 06-05-1915 United Brethren No. 1923
 Capt. E.S. STEPHENSON DSO 06-05-1915 Khartoum No. 2877
 Sub.Cond. E.S. GALWAY 07-05-1915 Mooltan No. 1307
Quetta No. 2333
St John the Evangelist No. 1483
 Lt. T.G.N. SCREATON 08-05-1915 Rodney No. 1711
 Spr. S. EVANS 09-05-1915 Liscard No. 2657

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