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Actions in Spring 1916

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 Actions in Spring 1916 covers a number of non specific actions on the Western Front in the period February to the end of June 1916. Much of this period concerned the build up to the Battle of the Somme, particularly the acclimatisation of the Service Battalions (Kitchener Volunteers) to trench routine. As the Battle of the Somme occupied the plans for 1916 no significant efforts were made in other sectors. Many of the casualties could be considered 'routine'. During the period December to June 1916 5845 British soldiers died in 'minor trench operations'.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Sgt. A.G. UREN 21-05-1916 Mariners' No. 249
 Cpl. A.I. PRICHARD 22-05-1916 Canterbury No. 1635
Isaac Newton University No. 859
Old Felstedian No. 3662
 Sgt. S.E. HILL 24-05-1916 Metropolitan No. 1507
 2Lt H.B. CHINNERY 28-05-1916 Lodge of Good Report No. 136
Lodge of Verity No. 2739
 Capt. W.S. ARMSTRONG LRCP MRCS 31-05-1916 Royal Clarence No. 271
 Lt. A.J. AUSTEN-CARTMELL 01-06-1916 Kaisar-i-Hind No. 1724
 2Lt C.J. FOWLER 01-06-1916 Apollo University No. 357
Iris No. 2545
 Lt. L.D.K. STEPHENS 02-06-1916 Saint Paul's No. 374
 Sgt. W.W. STEPHEN 03-06-1916 Eden No. 2285
 Maj. R.A. THOMAS 03-06-1916 Newall No. 1134
 Tpr T.J. HUMPHRIES 08-06-1916 Greymouth No. 1233
 Lt. C.A. SMITH DSO 10-06-1916 Cama No. 2105
 Lt. G.S. LAVIE 11-06-1916 St. Albans No. 2597
 Lt. W.W. WESTON 13-06-1916 Eclectic No. 1201
 Lt. H.C.D. KIMBER 22-06-1916 Apollo University No. 357
 Capt. K.H.A. KELLIE LRCP MRCS 25-06-1916 Borough of St Pancras No. 3316
Caius No. 3355
Carnarvon No. 708
Lanesborough No. 3029
 Capt. J.S. RYAN 25-06-1916 Sir Thomas White No. 1820
 Sgt. G.T. HOGG 26-06-1916 Union No. 129
 Capt. F.P. BUCHANAN 28-06-1916 Saint Paul's No. 374
 Sgt. W.J. CROXSON 28-06-1916 Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry No. 3013
Skelmersdale No. 1658
 Sgt. F. CASEY 30-06-1916 Arts and Crafts No. 3387
 LCpl. J.A. MORRISS 30-06-1916 Astley No. 2997

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