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Italy (1914-1918)

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 Following the collapse of the Italian Front in late 1917 a number of British Divisions were sent to Italy to support and stabilise the Italian effort. In March 1918, XIV Corps (the 7th, 23rd and 48th Divisions) relieved Italian troops on the front line between Asiago and Canove, the front being held by two divisions with one division in reserve on the plain. The French held the line to the left, with the Italians to the right.

The front was comparatively quiet until the Austrians attacked in force from Grappa to Canove in the Battle of Asiago (15-16 June 1918). The Allied line was penetrated to a depth of about 1,000 metres on 15 June but the lost ground was retaken the next day and the line re-established. Between June and September, frequent successful raids were made on the Austrian trenches.

In October, the 7th and 23rd Divisions were sent to the Treviso area of the River Piave front. The 48th Division, which remained in the mountains as part of the Italian Sixth Army, played an important part in the Battle of Vittorio Veneto (24 October-4 November 1918) in which the Austrians were finally defeated. By late 1918 the danger had passed and many of the British troops returned to the Western Front.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Pte. T.H. GREEVES 04-05-1917 Aldersbrook No. 2841
Wanstead No. 3524
 Capt. H.H. ROBINSON DSO 04-05-1917 Baron Egerton No. 3513
Commercial No. 3628
 2Lt M.T. JOHNSON 16-11-1917 Canada No. 3527
 Pte. W.E. HORE 22-04-1918 Colne No. 2477
 2Lt A. BEAHAN 15-06-1918 Arthur Sullivan No. 2156
 Capt. B.V. BRUTON 15-06-1918 Royal Gloucestershire No. 839
 Sgt. G.W. WATERMAN MM 22-06-1918 Merchant Navy No. 781
 Lt. E.A. McNAIR VC 12-08-1918 Apollo University No. 357
 Pte. F.H. BLACKFORD 24-10-1918 Telephone No. 3301
 Pte. H.E.L. PUGH 04-11-1918 Liverpool Castle No. 3373
 Lt. J.H. SANDERS 19-01-1919 King Alfred No. 2945
 Cpl. W.P. ROWE 09-05-1919 Benoni No. 3157

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