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Actions in Spring 1916

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 Actions in Spring 1916 covers a number of non specific actions on the Western Front in the period February to the end of June 1916. Much of this period concerned the build up to the Battle of the Somme, particularly the acclimatisation of the Service Battalions (Kitchener Volunteers) to trench routine. As the Battle of the Somme occupied the plans for 1916 no significant efforts were made in other sectors. Many of the casualties could be considered 'routine'. During the period December to June 1916 5845 British soldiers died in 'minor trench operations'.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Lt. R.E. RUCK-KEENE 16-01-1916 Royal Prince of Wales No. 1555
 Capt. W.J.H. LEETE 21-01-1916 Doric Lodge No. 1433
 2Lt H. CARR 23-01-1916 Bernard Gilpin No. 3076
 Capt. R.M. FILMER MC 27-01-1916 Household Brigade No. 2614
 2Lt E.B. SAMUEL 31-01-1916 Halcyon No. 3546
 2Lt C.A. CLAPHAM 10-02-1916 London Rifle Brigade No. 1962
 Capt. K.R. HABERSHON 12-02-1916 Apollo University No. 357
 W.O.1 (RSM) A. NOBLE DCM 12-02-1916 Coronation No. 2929
 Lt. C.C. FITCH 16-02-1916 Aldershot Camp No. 1331
 Pte. A.E. PARLETT 19-02-1916 St Hilda No. 240
 Capt. D. REYNOLDS VC 23-02-1916 Kitchener No. 2998
 Lt. J.H. EDGAR 24-02-1916 Percy No. 1427
 2Lt S.L.M. MANSEL-CAREY 24-02-1916 Vale of Catmos No. 1265
 Spr. W. HANNA 29-02-1916 Apollo University No. 357
 Lt. V. PARKER 05-03-1916 Lambton No. 375
 Pte. C.H. HOUSDEN 07-03-1916 King's No. 3101
 Pte. F.W. DEY 08-03-1916 Torbay No. 1358
 LCpl. G.T. HOLLSON 09-03-1916 Bidston No. 3657
Combermere No. 605
 Capt. S.C. BARTLEY 12-03-1916 Bayard No. 1615
 2Lt L. WILSON 27-03-1916 Light in Tirhoot No. 1998
 Pte. A. WADELIN 28-03-1916 Lodge of St Barnabas No. 948
 Lt. A.A. SMITH 02-04-1916 Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No. 2885
 Lt. D.B. STAMP 10-04-1916 Pellipar No. 2693
 2Lt F.C.H. GILBERT 23-04-1916 Norfolk No. 2852
 Pte. G.B. WIVELL 25-04-1916 Greta No. 1073
 C.Q.M.S. W.G. ANDREE 07-05-1916 Comrades Lodge No. 2976
 2Lt E. HOARE 09-05-1916 Salisbury No. 435
 2Lt J.M. SIMPSON 09-05-1916 Harrogate and Claro No. 1001
 Sgt. W. GOODWILLIE 17-05-1916 Comrades Lodge No. 2976
 Lt. R.C. GREEN 18-05-1916 Apollo University No. 357

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