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The Battles of Ypres 1915 (Second Ypres)

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 22 April - 25 May 1915. On the 22nd April 1915 the Germans used poison gas at Ypres. This was the first 'official' use of gas and took the Allies by surprise. After initial success capitalising on the confusion and horror of this weapon, a heroic stand, initially by the Canadians and then supported by British and Indian Battalions, held the German advance. However it became clear that the Germans had achieved a tactical advantage and eventually the British were forced to retire to more a more defendable perimeter closer to Ypres. These positions were on the last ridges before Ypres and their loss would have resulted in the loss of the town and possibly open the Channel coast to German occupation with disastrous consequences for the re-supply of the BEF.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Capt. W.L. STANNARD 04-05-1915 Croxteth United Service No. 786
 Capt. B.V. SIM 07-05-1915 Old Cheltonian No. 3223
 Sgt. J. BLADES 08-05-1915 Prince of Wales No. 1003
 Pte. G.E. NASH 08-05-1915 Kensington No. 1767
 Lt. E.S. PHILLIPS 08-05-1915 Isca No. 683
 Lt.Col. C.L. ROBINSON TD 08-05-1915 Isca No. 683
Wear Valley No. 1121
 Capt. W.J.H. CURWEN 09-05-1915 Apollo University No. 357
Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No. 2885
 2Lt A.H. FORD 09-05-1915 Prince of Wales No. 1003
 Lt.Col. A.R.S. MARTIN 09-05-1915 Lebong No. 3321
Wellesley No. 1899
 Lt. G.H.F. POWER 09-05-1915 Apollo University No. 357
 Capt. H.J. EAST 10-05-1915 Alexandra No. 1065
 2Lt G.W.S. MUCHALL 10-05-1915 Lebong No. 3321
 2Lt H.F. SEVERNE 10-05-1915 Derwent No. 884
 Capt. H. HAYLOCK 11-05-1915 Lodge Semper Eadem No. 3091
 Pte. A.M. MARKS 12-05-1915 Lodge of Merit No. 466
 Sgt. E.T. COLE 13-05-1915 Aldershot Camp No. 1331
Unity and Progress No. 3723
 Sgt. S. HOWSON 13-05-1915 Lord Kitchener No. 3402
 W.O.1 (RSM) G.C. PARKER 13-05-1915 Howe and Charnwood No. 1007
 Pte. B.P. POWELL 13-05-1915 Royal Kew and Whitehall No. 3020
 Tpr H.J. WARR 13-05-1915 Royal Leopold No. 1669
 Capt. R.W. PEARSON 15-05-1915 Marquess of Ripon No. 1379
 Rfn. H.H. MILLINGTON 17-05-1915 Gregory No. 2139
 Maj. R.W. WHITE 18-05-1915 Richmond No. 3045
Unity No. 3044
 Maj. H.N.R. COWIE CMG DSO 20-05-1915 Anchor of Hope No. 1093
Khyber No. 582
Wellesley No. 1899
 2Lt G.S.R.J. BROWN 22-05-1915 Isaac Newton University No. 859
 Pte. R.E. ALLEN 24-05-1915 St Maughold No. 1075
 Maj. J.G. GRIFFITH 24-05-1915 Lodge Orion in the West No. 415
 Lt. F.O.H. JOLLIE 24-05-1915 Fidelity No. 2061
Ormond-Iles Lodge No. 3433
 2Lt R. REED 24-05-1915 Duke of Normandy No. 245
Rylstone Prince of Wales' Lodge No. 2026
 Capt. F.M. WAWN 25-05-1915 Fenwick No. 1389
Vedra No. 3137

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