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 At the outbreak of war the British, together with Indian troops, resolved to protect oil supply in the region by occupying the area around Basra at Abadan. This evolved into a series of campaigns towards Baghdad against the Turkish forces as Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) was part of the Ottoman Empire. Meetings in late 1914 and into 1915 led the Viceroy and Indian government at Simla to reconsider the limited involvement of troops and they decided to order further advances with a view to securing the Shatt-al-Hai, a canal connecting the Tigris and Euphrates river and potentially capturing Baghdad. The British government disagreed and wished to conserve forces for the Western front. The Viceroy was given permission to act as it wished, but told in no uncertain terms that no reinforcements should be expected.

The initial success experienced by the British and Indian forces quickly disintegrated in the face of Ottoman opposition. The Siege of Kut-Al-Amara began on 7th December with the besieging of an 8,000 strong British-Indian garrison in the town of Kut, 100 miles south of Baghdad, by the Ottoman Army. These campaigns produced few tactical benefits, indeed the catastrophic defeat at Kut in 1916 was a major setback. Badhdad was eventually taken in March 1917.

The conditions in Mesopotamia were dreadful. The climate, sickness and disease produced large losses in addition to battle casualties. About as many men died of disease as were killed in action. The Mesopotamia front was part of a strategy hoping for success at lower cost than the Western Front but no decisive victory was achieved.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Capt. J.G. WILLOUGHBY 03-03-1915 Golconda No. 3249
Lodge Orion in the West No. 415
 W.O.1 (RSM) A.D. SEMMENCE 14-04-1915 Inhabitants No. 153
Skelmersdale No. 1729
 2Lt R.A. WYNN 14-04-1915 Quetta No. 2333
United Brethren No. 1923
 Maj. C.E.B. ROBINSON 27-09-1915 Lodge Orion in the West No. 415
St. Andrew No. 500
Star of Agra No. 1936
 Lt. C.C. CHESNEY 22-11-1915 Lodge of Independence with Philanthropy No. 391
Lodge Pioneer No. 1490
 Capt. J.H. COURTIS 22-11-1915 Kerala No. 2188
Lodge Orion in the West No. 415
Royal Connaught No. 2377
 Lt.Col. A.C.H. SMITHETT 24-11-1915 Light of the North No. 1308
Stewart No. 1960
 SSgt M. ROWE 15-12-1915 Lodge of Emulation No. 1100
Quetta No. 2333
 2Lt A.T. EAST 25-12-1915 Beauchamp No. 1422
 Maj. J.P. STOCKLEY 06-01-1916 Rajputana No. 2800
 C.S.M. A. McADAM 07-01-1916 Fidelity No. 2061
Star of Agra No. 1936
 Maj. J.S. FRASER 13-01-1916 Invicta Lodge of Ashford No. 709
 Lt. J.C. MITCHELL 13-01-1916 Lodge of Humility with Fortitude No. 229
Prinsep No. 2037
 Capt. R.A. JENKINS 21-01-1916 Alexandra No. 1065
 Maj. V.G. MENZIES 21-01-1916 Kitchener No. 2998
McMahon No. 3262
 Capt. F.J. RIGBY MC 21-01-1916 Felix No. 1494
 Lt.Col. F.W. THOMAS 26-01-1916 Friendship No. 2307
 Maj. G.H.I. GRAHAM 07-02-1916 Kitchener No. 2998
St George in the East No. 1526
 Maj. S.M. TAHOURDIN 08-02-1916 Light in Adjoodhia No. 836
Lodge of Independence with Philanthropy No. 391
Lodge of the Nine Muses No. 235
Mooltan No. 1307
Nipal No. 2018
 Capt. A.H. BAKER 08-03-1916 Saint Kew No. 1222
 Capt. A.H. PARSONS 08-03-1916 Radnor No. 2587
Siwalik No. 2939
 Lt. F.C. STALEY 08-03-1916 Old Shirburnian No. 3304
 Lt. W.D. VICARY 08-03-1916 Loyal No. 251
 Capt. N.G.R. WOODYATT 08-03-1916 McMahon No. 3262
Siwalik No. 2939
 Capt. C.A.G.L.H. FARIE 15-03-1916 Wellesley No. 1899
 2Lt J.P. WOODS MC 30-03-1916 Mooltan No. 1307
 Capt. H.P. DOBSON 05-04-1916 Kitchener No. 2998
 Lt. E.J. HOPWOOD 09-04-1916 Franklin No. 2486
King Edward No. 3004
Royal Edward No. 3070
 Capt. F.N. MACLARAN [MACLAREN] 15-04-1916 Siwalik No. 2939
 Maj. R.E.E. KRIEKENBEEK 18-04-1916 A Scottish Lodge No. 0
Kitchener No. 2998

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